Dim Glow

Dim glow is said to be a "causual" shooter which makes sense because there is really no end game to it, it is exactly what it is the first minute to the last minute. You are a sphere that shoots bullets to destroy other shapes. If you take a hit you lose lives and if you finish off a shape you get more ammo. It takes a balance of being able to dodge and being able to aim and shoot at the same time all while keeping track of your ammo and trying not to be wasteful. There isn't really much to this game but its a good game to play for a short while. I got extremely lucky and finished this game in 18 minutes, but I could see how it could take countless tries to hit 499 hits and if I was stuck playing it any longer I don't think I would have as kind of words to say about it.

Difficulty - 7/10

Replay Value - 2/10

Cost - 3/10 (its cheap but value wise i couldn't rate this high)

Enjoyment - 2/10