Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain was another rogue like game that is also a third person shooter. You start with whichever character you select, all with varying abilities and you kill mobs to get cash to unlock chests and roll for random items that increase your strength. The goal of each stage is to uncover the exit, a teleporter that triggers a boss event leading you to the next stage. After five stages you are able to fight the final boss, or if you feel inadequate to tackle Mithrix, you are able to loop your run and start back at the first stage rotation collecting more items. Now be careful, the longer you take, the difficulty scales. So make sure to keep moving and shooting. I poured just under 280 hours into this game and honestly enjoyed it. Some of the achievements had me quite frustrated at times. For example, one requires you to complete a prismatic trial on mercenary (a melee character) without taking damage. A lot of that was RNG and rinse / repeat. Some others were annoying like "Smushed" because if you failed to kill the final boss with the beacon, you would have to reset and play another 30 minutes or more to reach him again.

Difficulty - 8/10

Replay Value - 9/10

Cost - 6/10

Enjoyment - 9/10