tiny rogues

Tiny rogues is far from a tiny challenge when it comes to reaching 100%. You begin this challenge as a pixel rogue of whichever class want to delve into first. You complete rooms on each floor collecting items to fight floor bosses and eventually death himself. This was one of the games that had few achievements but took me far longer than I like to admit to complete. I spent just shy of 120 hours to unlock those 29 achievements. The issue with this game is how much rng plays a role how each session goes. Maybe if you are a clicking king you can complete a run with rubbish weapons and stats, but the worse items you get, the longer you take to kill bosses, the more chances of your run dying to a missed click. This game offers very little room for error and you can find yourself on cinder 16 ready to pull your hair out like me till you find a wand or item that steamrolls and makes things look like a joke. I might have enjoyed this game more if I wasn't so bad at it.

Difficulty - 9/10

Replay Value - 8/10

Cost - 9/10

Enjoyment - 5/10