Treasure of Nadia

This was a game I bought for the spicy scenes and stayed for the puzzles. I didn't realize how satisfying simple collection tasks would be. Even without the spicy scenes I likely would have finished this. You play a character who goes on a love conquest of several different women all while following in your fathers footsteps as a treasure hunter. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started this game, It was quite a grind to 100% maybe not as much as other games but there are numerous scenes that can be distractions and some of the puzzles took me awhile to work out. You are given a crystal that points you in the right direction at any time, but even with it you can find yourself lost or distracted again.

Difficulty - 4/10

Replay Value - 6/10

Cost - 10/10

Enjoyment - 9/10