Sexy Mystic Survivors

Another take on a bullet hell similar to Vampire survivors, but with female characters. There are two versions of this game, "Beautiful" and "Sexy" with the only difference I've noticed is that in the "sexy version, the characters are stripped as they take damage and there are sex scenes after completion. This game is has wonderful graphics for a bullet hell and is definitely a lot of fun, but to complete the "purifier" I was dragging my feet as I think it lost replay value for me. Maybe if there were more characters that I could focus on completions with, I might not have paid so much attention to the grind to defeat 400k mobs. I finished all of the other achievements before even reaching 200k mobs and had to continue playing. All in all, It only took me 38 hours to complete this game, but the last 10 or so was just spent grinding

Difficulty - 3/10

Replay Value - 6/10

Cost - 8/10

Enjoyment - 6/10